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StoryZPhotoMotion&VideoMaker(PremiumUnlocked) v1.1.3 for Android

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Taking photos with your smartphone is one of the jobs that an average person Smartphone owners do ev

StoryZ Photo Motion & Video Maker(Premium Unlocked)StoryZ Photo Motion & Video Maker(Premium Unlocked)StoryZ Photo Motion & Video Maker(Premium Unlocked)

Taking photos with your smartphone is one of the jobs that an average person Smartphone owners do every day. It can be anyone anywhere and in any situation. Many applications can help you create artistic images with every style that exists in this world. There are even powerful applications that allow you to create works like semi-professional photographers. With such a variety of genres, you can choose any user to create perfect photos and post them on social networks. However, have you ever heard of building a Photo Motion? Naturally, it will be a photo, and there are a few components in it that can move. It’s not really a GIF, nor is it a photo, and it’s definitely not a video. The feeling that this type of work brings extremely special makes viewers enjoy. StoryZ Photo Motion & Video Maker is one of the apps that is highly rated on Google Play.Starting to use the application, you will find that it has some difficulty to control. However, you do not need to be too worried because, in the system, there are basic tutorials for you to study and follow. If you still have some questions because the instructions are from the manufacturer so fast and there are a few unknown points. You can find video tutorials on YouTube. They are all videos from this app’s community posted to help people with the same passion.As explained, “StoryZ Photo Motion & Video Maker” will allow you to create Photo Motions. They will be extraordinary images that combine motion effects to create the most realistic feeling. For example, you take a picture at the waterfall. However, the picture is lovely and depicts the grandeur of nature, but if you add the movement of the waterfall and some sounds to it, it will probably be a lot better. It will not be a video but will be the motion effects created thanks to the layers being overlapped and moving continuously. They will still be saved in the format of the photos, or they can also be viewed as gifs.A brief review of how to use it, users put the photo they want to edit into the studio. At the bottom of the screen, there will be horizontal and apparent naming features. You just need to touch it, and you can activate the element and be creative with it. The user will be allowed to choose the direction of movement, frequency, and tempo of the motion, … You can even change the structure of the movement direction too. Many advanced features are hidden in commands.Moreover, users can create videos using this application. The photos you have will be able to be put into a video and add special effects. They will become more attractive and nuanced, worth posting on social networking sites for people to enjoy. These videos can also be integrated into the music. If you are a mere standard and professional, then the quality will far exceed those made from instant apps.
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